The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘That’s funny…’


Isaac Asimov

About BlueDot

Who is BlueDot?

Liem Linda-bileteDABBlueDot is a small but knowledge intensive Norwegian company in Suldal in the rural Ryfylke region that forms the entry to Fjord Norway. The company is owned and run by Vitskapsdama, the Science Lady, dr. Linda M. Liem.

Linda is a trained biomedical scientist with a Ph.D. in Medicine, who has extensive experience with medical-pharmaceutical communication and continuing medical education, science education and science popularization. She has a wide scientific interest and has proven knowledge of e.g. health and medicine, human biology, astronomy, geology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

She started in 2007 as a freelance medical writer and has worked for clients in Europe and the USA. Moreover, she won with her students a national astronomy competition for the best educational astronomy program when she worked as a high school teacher in 2009 and made the Ritland Crater in Hjelmeland accessible for the public, both physically and digitally.

BlueDot is registered in the Norwegian Brønnøysund register under org. nr. 999 223 141 MVA.

Contact us

Hauganesvegen 16
4233 ERFJORD, Norway
(+47) 47 45 10 08